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Special Packaging

If you’re someone who maintains a lot of medication because of a condition, we understand the hassles and other inconveniences it can bring when you travel or simply when you need to go somewhere for the day. We also hear a lot of other complaints, the most common ones including:

  • Hard to open medication bottles
  • Hard to read prescription labels/bad handwriting
  • Hassle of carrying multiple prescription bottles
  • Packaging is easily destroyed by climate changes
  • Color of bottle is hard to find esp. for color-blind patients, and many more

Here at Broadway Pharmacy, we want to contribute to your peace of mind, ease and convenience through our special packaging services. Through this service, we:

  • Offer a Complete And Organized Way Of Storing All Medications
  • Provide Organized Labeling
  • Offer Compact Sized Bottles
  • Offer Convenient Packaging (Travel And In-Home Use)
  • Offer Blister Packaging
  • Offer Child-Proof Bottles, And Many More

For questions or inquiries, please give us a call at 619-717-8990.

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